From Powerplay, Manager Mode & Many More: Dream11 introduces new updates and features for the 2024 cricket season

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A weekend into this cricket season, Dream11’s app took fan engagement to the next level, managing a peak concurrency of 15.01 million users, up from last season’s 10.56 million users. As cricket fever sweeps across India, we've stepped up our game, introducing thrilling updates to elevate user experience and gameplay.

Driven by our vision to establish Dream11 as India's most loved sports engagement platform, Dreamsters embarked on a transformative journey over the past year. Focused on personalisation, intuitiveness, and reliability, we've meticulously redesigned certain aspects of the app but we couldn't do this without the help of our users! With several hours of dialogues, workshops, and user feedback, this update represents our most significant product overhaul to this day. This reaffirms our commitment to delivering world-class experiences to our 220 million-strong and growing user base.

On the app, you will discover an array of features powered by AI, enabled by several in-house tools and 100+ microservices, designed to offer a smooth user journey. Our new gameplay - Powerplay and Manager Mode aim to give cricket fans an adrenaline-fueled experience that rivals the thrill of the live game itself.

Powerplay: Double the Excitement
Powerplay 2x

One of the most anticipated additions to the app is Powerplay, a new match-level feature that doubles the excitement for users. With Powerplay, users can earn 2x points for events occurring during selected overs.

Manager Mode: Your Season-Long Challenge
Manager mode

In addition to Powerplay, Dream11 has introduced Manager Mode, a free-to-play feature that allows users to create and manage one team throughout the entire Indian T20 cricket season. Manager Mode is complete with weekly leaderboards and prizes, empowering users to make strategic decisions, including player transfers and boosters, to stay ahead of the game.

Projected Points: The Power of AI
Project points

Dream11 takes sports engagement to the next level with the introduction of Projected Points, an AI-powered feature that computes players' selection based on multiple parameters of past performances. These AI-based projections consider factors such as past performance, performance against opponents, and performance at the venue, enabling users to create winning teams with confidence.

Revamped Marketplace and Enhanced Support
Guru marketplace

In addition, Dream11 has revamped its Marketplace to provide users with access to teams posted by experts, more popularly known as Gurus. The upgraded marketplace allows users to connect with Gurus, view past wins, and access favourites for quick team selection.

The All-new Help Center and 24x7 Dedicated Support
Customer support

Dream11 has improved customer service with real-time assistance through email and callback options.

Last season, we rolled out several features, such as Safety Shield (for a minimal fee, users can secure their Captain or Vice-Captain selection), Groups (play with friends), Live ball-by-ball match commentary and Quick Join.

In our 16-year journey as a user-first company, we have introduced several industry-first innovations in sports technology from our Stadium (Dream11 office) in Mumbai, and these have now become global best practices. As we move forward, we'll continue to push boundaries in the sector and offer world-class user experiences to sports fans in India.

Download the latest version of the app on your Android or iOS device and gear up for an unforgettable cricket season.

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